The wildlife today proved to be a huge distraction.  I was cleaning cottages, but managed to get in a few photos and videos that I’m posting below.

The usual suspects showed up (Bridled Honeyeater, Lewins Honeyeater, Macleay’s Honeyeater, Spotted Catbird, Brush Turkey). Plus other visitors including some  pademelons and musky-rat kangaroos, a Yellow-breasted Boatbill, Golden Whistler, Emerald Dove, Eastern Spinebills, Shining Bronze-Cuckoo, Pale-yellow Robin, Red-browed finch, Brown Gerygone, Peaceful Doves and lastly the Rufous Fantail (my nemesis – I have been trying to get a nice photo of that lovely orange tail, but failed again!).

I photographed the Yellow-footed Antechinus, Yellow Throated Scrubwren, Large-billed Scrubwren (I think , I can’t tell them apart from the Atherton Scrubwren), Little Shrike-thrush, and one of the 3 male Victoria’s Riflebirds that came by. See below, and click to make larger.

I videoed the cute Antechinus, a Victoria’s Riflebird preening, the Eastern Whipbird foraging, the Grey Fantail bathing and a Grey-headed Robin catching a large worm.  See below.

What a hectic couple of hours I had!

The antechinus sometimes drink at the bird bath, and then disappear underneath it and pop back up again. Cheeky devils!

A pair of Yellow-throated Scrubwren often make a bee-line past the birdbath at the Pioneer, chirring loudly as they go.  If they can’t see me watching, they will stop for a bath and a drink.

A Scrubwren, (either Large-billed or Atherton), it was on its own, quiet, and foraging low in the trees.

A Little Shrike-thrush, a quiet bird with a pretty song.

A male Victoria’s Riflebird sunning himself

If you cannot see the embedded video, watch on YouTube here.