I have often been amazed by macro photos of the lilliputian world inhabited by tiny spiders and insects. So I have forgone eating for a few weeks and purchased a macro lens – money well spent!  The last dry day (when was that again?) I spent peering into the bushes taking photos of everything that moved, and some that didn’t.

My first pic is of a very cute jumping spider; I think it is a Prostheclina pallida or Orange-faced Jumping Spider.  These critters are about 5mm long with 2 big beautiful eyes … and six little ones.  If  my ID is wrong please let me know. Click on image to make bigger.

I love this critter pictured below!  It is a lacewing larvae with the skeletal remains of its prey stacked on its back, plus other bits and pieces picked up on the way. The larvae itself is like a tiny crocodile with forcep like pincers and a voracious appetite, but it will pupate in 2 or 3 weeks. So if you see a tiny stack of debris lumbering up and down a leaf – take a closer look. Click to make bigger.

Below is a tropical stilt-legged fly (or stalk-legged).  From a distance this looks like a largish mosquito, but on closer inspection you can see lovely big eyes and elegant legs.  Be careful what you squish.  Click to make bigger.