…but 10 years to find something is a bit long.  The Northern leaf-tailed gecko is so well camouflaged that I haven’t seen a single one in all the time I have been here, then I discover they were under my nose all a long.  Last night we went spot-lighting down the road to Lake Eacham with Simon, a photographer who is staying at the cottages.  A good torch and young eyes were able to spot about 10 of them and then some more back at our cottages.  I was so excited, can’t wait to go out again and see if I can find any on my own.

The Northern leaf-tailed gecko is one of Australia’s largest geckos, at up to 23 cm.  Here is photo from last night, this one seems to have a regenerated tail as it is a different texture and colour than the rest of the body – click to see a larger image.