Such a pretty little bird!  I took these photos and video in March this year.  I was sooo excited when I got some reasonable images, this dainty little bird  has been taunting me for years.  The scenario goes something like this… a flash of the orangey tail appears before me, I whip out my camera, but with a flick of its tail it is gone, and all I am left with is a picture of a bobbing branch.

Click on the images below to embiggen.

A lovely patterned vest.

A colourful fan.

The video below shows the rufous fantail bathing in the waterfall of our pond at the cottages.  A grey fantail joins in for a quick dip, but in actual fact the rufous spent most of the afternoon chasing the grey fantail away.  I was hiding behind some bushes at the bottom of the pond at this stage, feeling slightly embarrassed.

If you are unable to see the video, try my YouTube channel here.