A few guest have told me about a Spotted Catbird who is nesting near one of the cottages.  She has built her nest amongst a tangle of “Wait-a-While” vines.  The Wait-a While (Lawyer Cane) has a stem covered with large thorns, palm like leaves with prickles and long tendrils covered with sharp hooks.  I was careful not to go close, I didn’t want to disturb her, and who wants to mess with the wait-a-while? Anyway, looking forward to seeing some little ugly / adorable babies.

Here is a quick snap of her sitting quietly.  Click to enlarge.

This is a picture from October 2010, of a young catbird being fed by a parent.

And from January 2011, a young catbird balancing on the rope at the Beach Hut.


More catbirds photos at http://www.craterlakes.com.au/wildlife/birds/spotted-catbird/