The spotted catbird is not at all greedy, even though it seems like it, with its robust figure and army like precision raids on the feeder. I have a soft spot  for the catbird, they seem to work so hard, and have some endearing habits.

They are the only member of the bowerbird family to form a monogamous  pair and the males help raise the chicks.  In the video below that I took in February this year, a pair of birds have discovered that I have put out some fruit, and are calling out frantically to another bird (possibly a youngster?).  The excited hopping back and forth between the tree trunk and stem is something I have also seen when the male is chasing the female.

In the second part of the video you see a catbird taking away some banana.  They can stuff an awful lot into their beaks.  I have seen the birds deposit their haul into the fork of a tree, and nip off a nearby leaf to cover it, then come back later to retrieve it. Unfortunately sometimes an astute honeyeater is watching, and will steal it away.

Spotted Catbird taking a grape.

Video of Catbirds calling to each other.

If  you cannot see the video, view on my youtube channel here.