Spring has sprung and there is romance in the air.

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The male Victoria’s Riflebird has taken to the very, very high display perch in the afternoons, calling out his intentions, and chasing off all other competitors…

the Brown Cuckoo doves are canoodling (just missed the male bowing his head and puffing out his neck feathers in a courtship display) …

and a pair of Grey-headed Robins are playing house and are the proud parents of one cute chick.

The nest is very well camouflaged amongst the wait-a-while near the deck of one of the cottages, so I was able to get some video without disturbing them.

A little shakey head pops out and the female, unceremoniously, plonks herself down on it.  The female at the nest begs for food from her partner with wing fluttering and peeping.  The male spends most of the time collecting food, but is also on guard duty.  I saw him chase off a Spotted Catbird (who seems more than 3 times his size).  The Spotted Catbird are known on occasion to take the young of other birds, though I have never seen this myself.  Hopefully I will get to see some more of the baby bird when I am next down at that cottage.

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