Earlier this year, when the Euodia Trees were bursting with blooms, a small group of Scarlet Honeyeaters were regular visitors.  I see them occasionally through the year on the bottlebrushes and grevillias, but in January and February they are easy to photograph near the pond as they come down for a drink.

The adult males are resplendent in scarlet and black, but the juvenile males look like they have a bad case of measles with red spots all over their poor little faces.

This juvenile below has not been infected yet.

I think this one below is a female.

Here are some birds at the pond. I took too many photos!

Also, if you have not had enough scarlet honeyeaters, here is a short video of them I took (please excuse my shakiness – left my tripod at the house).

If you have trouble viewing it here, please check out on my You Tube Channel.