victoria’s riflebird

24 12, 2011

Juvenile Riflebird showing his moves…

December 24th, 2011|Comments Off on Juvenile Riflebird showing his moves…

Today I caught this juvenile riflebird practising his dance moves amongst the ginger near the Tuscany Cottage. I particularly like his frenetic head swaying. Perhaps he shouldn't spit out seeds whilst performing though.  

7 12, 2011

Victoria’s Riflebird – Pioneer Cottage

December 7th, 2011|1 Comment

This was filmed just out from the deck of our Pioneer Cottage about a week ago.  I heard the typical wing clapping of a mating dance and looked out into the forest (you can hear the sound towards the end [...]

3 12, 2011

Silhouette Dancing

December 3rd, 2011|Comments Off on Silhouette Dancing

A male Victoria's Riflebird calls out nearly every afternoon from the top of a tall tree at the cottages.  Yesterday I went armed with my camera and recorded a lovely display in silhouette against the late afternoon sky. The [...]