Last night we had some very heavy rain.  The tree fern near our verandah, weighed down with the rain, bent right down to the balustrade, so it had to be cut down.  This is the same tree that a Victoria’s Riflebird nested in last year.

The image below is from the end of October last year, when I noticed the female taking nesting material into the tree fern. The nest was extremely well camouflaged amongst the dead fronds folding down from the crown of the fern, entangled in vines.  It was quite high up, so I couldn’t get any photos (all I could see was her beak sticking out).  I later saw her taking food to the nest, so I hope she was able to successfully raise some young.

This image below is from today.  It’s the tree fern leaning over some other trees, and onto the verandah.  I’ve pointed out where the nest was.

This the nest.  It doesn’t have the snake skin decoration that they sometimes have.  Next breeding season I’ll leave out a few strategically placed skins for the riflebirds to use.

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If anyone reading knows if the Victoria’s Riflebird’s nest in the same trees each year, please let me know.