Have you ever had the feeling that someone was watching you? I have been chained to the computer the last week or so, but I took a break in the garden this morning to try and work out what bird was doing all the trilling I have been hearing lately (Fan-tailed Cuckoo).  I Felt the sensation of piercing eyes on me, and swung around to see this little cutie staring at me. Luckily I had my camera at hand (I had it grafted on a while back). Image below, click to make bigger.

The Yellow-footed Antechinus are bold little creatures. One year we found that an antechinus had made its way into the house and was starting to build a nest in a drawer in the bathroom! We caught her and put her outside, but she made her way back in again. This went on until we discovered how she was getting in. She was flinging herself at the flap of the doggy door until it swung open enough to jump through! So we glued a little weight on the doggy door so she wouldn’t be able to push it. It almost broke my heart to hear her flinging herself at the door trying to get in…okay now I’m sad. 🙁