Psophodes olivaceus

The call of the Eastern Whipbird is one of the iconic sounds of the rainforest.  This elusive bird spends its time quietly fossicking in the ground litter, then flying quickly through the open spaces to the next spot.

The birds are dark olive green, (they seem almost black in the darkness of the rainforest), with black head and crest, white streak to each cheek and down the side of the neck,  and a patchy chest .  Immature birds are a mottled dull grey.

A breeding pair occupies a teritory and defends it against other whipbirds.

The loud ringing whip-crack is made by the male bird (a CSIRO study has confirmed that the call is male-led)  and the partner completes the call with several chirps. As they move through the forest the pair can also be heard chirping.

At Crater Lakes Rainforest Cottages you will spot a whipbird if you are patient.  If you don’t hear the whipcrack, look for a flurry of  leaves being overturned, and a whipbird will be behind it.

Eastern Whipbird Images


Eastern Whipbird Video

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