Chalcophaps indica

The Emerald Dove is a plump dove that forages mainly on the ground.

The wings are a lovely emerald green, and  the body is a pinkish/brown.  They have an orange bill and pink feet.  The male bird has a white patch on the shoulder. Females tend to be browner with a grey mark on the shoulder. Immature birds resemble females but have brown scallops on their body and wing plumage.

Emerald doves can be quite territorial, and the male bird will raise his wings at another male.  They spend a lot of time on the ground, and very little time in trees except when roosting.

At the cottages you will often see them waddling along through the undergrowth, taking a drink at the bird baths, or at the office at the seed feeder.

Images of the Emerald Dove