Heteromyias cinereifrons

The grey-headed robin is endemic to the rainforest of the Wet Tropics.  It is a solid little bird of about 16 to 18 cm and coloured soft grey on the head, olive-brown on the back and pale white and grey underparts. It has a distinctive white underline to the eye, and a white wing-bar that looks like to me like a Z when the wings are folded.

This robin is a regular visitor to the cottages, flying low through the forest, clinging to the side of tree trunks, and dropping to the ground to forage for insects and worms and the like.

It’s clear monotone call is a characteristic sound of the Wet Tropic rainforests (you can hear the call in the video below).  It seems that it is the first bird calling in the morning, and the last bird calling at night.

Breeding season is Aug to Jan.  A shallow nest is built, generally in wait-a while vine, about 3 to 4 metres up. A clutch of one or two eggs are laid.  The male feeds the female while she incubates the eggs.

Images of the Grey-headed Robin

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Grey-headed Robin on nest

Juvenile Grey-headed Robin

Grey-headed Robin  Grey-headed Robin




Video of the Grey-headed Robin