I was excited a couple of weeks ago to get some video of a Wompoo Fruit-Dove calling.  They are usually very shy, and will fly away if they see you looking at them.  So after I set the camera up, I turned away to look in the opposite direction, listening to the “wom poo” and “wuk wuk poo”…I hadn’t realised after a short while the first bird flew over to a second bird, and then (according to John) they commenced rubbing their heads together and snuggling.

Cranky at myself for missing the cute bit, I adjusted the camera, and got some more footage of head bowing and “wompooing” and some personal grooming from both of them. Interesting to note that the eyes of the “wompooer” go awfully red.  That might be the pinning/flashing behaviour, where the pupils of a bird’s eye can dilate and contract. The wompoo fruit-dove has a red iris and black pupil, so if the pupil contracts, the eye will look very red.

The next day I saw a juvenile wompoo sitting quietly near the palm tree at the other side of the house and a possible juvenile (very flighty so I haven’t been able to have a good look) has been coming down to the birdbath at the Tuscany cottage for a long drink.  All in all, I think the Wompoos have a had a successful season.

Here is an image of the pair, click to make larger.

Here is the video of the pair of wompoos.

If you have trouble viewing it here, please check out on my You Tube Channel.