Native animals can be seen in the rainforest surrounding your cottage

The adorable Red-legged Pademelon (small rainforest kangaroo) venture out from the rainforest to graze on the grass in the mornings and evenings and are a common sight from the deck of your cottage. Breeding is continuous, so it is usual to see a baby joey peeking from a pouch.

Musky-rat Kangaroos are the smallest and most primitive of the macropods and tend to bound rather than hop. They are very shy, but you can see them by day, quickly darting out to enjoy some fruit on the forest floor.

If you are lucky you may spot a Lumholtz’s Tree-kangaroo. There is more information on this rare animal here. Other animals you may see are the Long-nosed Bandicoot and Atherton antechinus.

Frogs inhabit the pond such as the Green-eyed Tree Frog, and if you are lucky you may see the the beautiful and shy Amethystine Python glide through the forest.

In spring the electric blue Ulysses butterfly and the bright colours of the male Cairns Birdwing butterfly flicker in the canopy.

Platypus can be spotted in many creeks around the area, such as Peterson creek in Yungaburra, or the Malanda Falls walk.