Other wildlife that can be seen around the cottages.


The most commonly seen frog is the Green-eyed Tree Frog. This frog is so named as the top part of the iris is green.  At night you will see the male down by the pond, he is a slender frog with motley patches of brown, and banding on the legs and a row of serrated skin flaps on the arms and legs.  The female is much larger and more coarser, with green lichen like markings. The male calls out from the pond with a gentle toc, toc. The female sometimes lays her eggs in the waterfall of the pond, it is a large brown gelatinous mass.

Water Dragons:

A couple of water dragons have made the pond home, and can be seen basking on the rocks on a sunny day.


The Ulysses and the Cairns Birdwing are the most striking of the butterflies, and can be seen in flashes of colour amongst the green rainforest plants.