Birds commonly seen from the cottages:

From your cottage you can spot a surprisingly large variety of birdlife that call the rainforest home.

Bird watching at Crater Lakes

If you are early risers, enjoy the morning chorus of bird song. Listen for the whip-crack call of the Eastern Whip Bird or the eerie cry of the Spotted Catbird or the morning melody of the Chowchillas. During the night you can listen for the unusual “bomb falling whistle” call of the Lesser Sooty Owl or the call of the Boobook Owl.

Even if you are not dedicated bird watchers, you will be impressed by the Victoria’s Riflebird (bird of paradise), which can be seen displaying for his mate at the cottages, or charmed by the personalities of the family of Kookaburras that fly in for a visit.

Some of the endemic birds to our area that can be seen at the cottages are the Macleays Honeyeaters, Grey-headed Robin, Tooth-billed bowerbird, Bridled Honeyeater, Bowers Shrike-thrush and Pied Monarch.

Other beautiful birds seen at the cottages are the Wompoo Fruit Dove, Australian King Parrot, Double-eyed Fig Parrot, Pale-yellow Robin, Yellow-breasted Boatbill, Grey Fantail, Brown Gerygone, Rainbow Lorikeet, Emerald Dove, Peaceful Dove, plus many, many more.

Bird List at Crater Lakes

Here is a list of birds I have compiled over the last couple of years. I am new to birdwatching so the list is no where near a complete list of birds to be found on the property, it is more a list of birds I have managed to photograph with little effort.

Atherton Scrubwren – coming soon
Bowers Shrike Thrush – coming soon
Brown Gerygone – coming soon
Golden Whistler – coming soon
Grey Fantail- coming soon
Grey Goshawk- coming soon
Helmeted Friarbird- coming soon
King Parrot – coming soon
Kookaburra – coming soon
Large-billed Scrubwren – coming soon
Leaden Flycatcher – coming soon
Lesser Sooty Owl – coming soon
Lewins Honeyeater – coming soon
Little Shrike Thrush – coming soon
Macleays Honeyeater – coming soon
Masked Woodswallow – coming soon
Metallic Starling – coming soon

Mistletoe Bird – coming soon
Orange footed Scrubfowl – coming soon
Pacific Baza – coming soon
Pale Headed Rosella – coming soon
Pale yellow Robin – coming soon
Peaceful Dove – coming soon
Pied Currawong – coming soon
Pied Monarch – coming soon
Rainbow Lorikeets – coming soon
Rainbow Beeeater – coming soon
Red-browed Finch – coming soon
Red-necked Crake – coming soon
Red Tailed Black Cockatoo – coming soon
Rose Crowned Fruit Dove – coming soon
Rufous Fantail – coming soon
Sacred Kingfisher – coming soon
Satin Flycatcher – coming soon

Scaly-breasted Lorikeet – coming soon
Shining Bronze Cuckoo – coming soon
Silvereye – coming soon
Spangled Drongo – coming soon
Spectacled Monarch – coming soon
Sulphur-crested Cockatoo – coming soon
Superb Fruit Dove – coming soon
Topknot pigeon – coming soon
Varied Triller – coming soon
Wedge-tailed Eagle – coming soon
White-bellied Sea Eagle – coming soon
White-bellied Cuckoo Shrike – coming soon
White-breasted Woodswallow – coming soon
White throated Treecreeper – coming soon
Wompoo Fruit dove – coming soon
Yellow Throated Scrubwren – coming soon