I always have an ear out for new birds sounds in the forest.  A few days ago I heard strange chattering and squawking coming from the tree near the driveway, so I made my way up there.  Derp!  It was a tooth-billed bowerbird.  This particular bird had some very convincing King Parrot going on, mixed with a whistling sound I know I’ve heard before, but can’t identify. (You know that feeling, when you hear a new song on the radio and it sounds a bit like a song you’ve heard before but you just can’t remember what.)

Anyway, it was quite a nice mix.  We have a few tooth-billed bowerbirds here, each with their own particular repertoire  sampled from the local bird population.

The singing is part of the courtship ritual. The male tooth-billed also maintains a court which consists of a cleared area of ground decorated with fresh upturned leaves.  You can see in the first part of the video his lower beak is notched, which is suited to snipping off the leaves at the stalk. Once the female is attracted by his singing to the court, the male will drop down and display with animated leaps and wing flaps.

Here is footage of a couple of  males singing from last year. Let me know if you recognise any of the  birds imitated.

If  you cannot see the video, view on my youtube channel here.